On September 22, 2015

“Who’s your BEACON?”

I had the pleasure of meeting this fabulous lady as an advertising client with @fashioncanada but the connection went beyond. She let me into her fashion, fur & family world. Carol of @carolinefurs has incredible fortitude, passion & the gift of generous hospitality. When I asked her who her ‪#‎Beacon‬ was, this is what she said: “I owe everything to my late parents…the memory of their lifestyle, their extraordinary love of family, and their passion for business. They instilled so much love, so much work ethic, and so much drive in all of us to find something we love to do. They inspired me to set the bar very high. They will never be forgotten.

I am lucky I found a creative outlet that I enjoy… thanks to my Mother’s love and interest in Fashion. Both my parents showed me the way, taking me to fashion shows and exposing me to the important designers and big labels at the time: Chanel, Valentino, Christian Dior, Ungaro. It’s a gift they introduced in my youth: to combine the natural beauty of Canadian fur together with fashion, sports and lifestyle. I just love what I do every day! It isn’t work.” Carol Grant Sullivan @carolinefurs ‪#‎carolinefurs‬

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