Stéphanie Rourke Jackson

My Story

I lived a pretty charmed life. Deciding at a young age that I had dreams and goals which I put action plans around. I was goal oriented. I was going to see the world, have a career in the fashion industry, live in California, marry an incredible man, have a few kids, live in a great house (preferably by the beach- no white picket fence though, that would be too cliché-HA!) and maybe even have a vineyard! Then… life happened. Some of those dreams came true and some did not. For the most part though, because I allowed myself to dream and took some courageous steps, I’ve lived a life that has been mostly fulfilling. However, I did protect myself. I didn’t really open up about the challenges of raising kids with ADHD, concerns in my marriage, of wanting to just ‘quit’, fears of not measuring up- in short, I didn’t allow myself to be vulnerable. I sometimes wore the mask that showed the world my life was ‘perfect’.


crisisI got the job in the fashion business, the house in the burbs ( not California but just outside of Toronto), a couple of cars, saw some parts of the world, mom to three wonderful kids, and a husband who loves me. I was living relatively unmarked by any life challenge. ‘Living The Dream’ as they say. Then, crisis hit. I was unprepared. My world imploded and I had to navigate through the stormy waters of some devastating personal life issues. This wrecked me. I was a shattered mess. Completely heartbroken and reeling in the lowest pit with very little self-esteem, I succumbed to the grief cycle and embraced the comfort that sorrow brought. It wasn’t long, however before I realized I didn’t want to stay in that pit.
Through counseling, a recovery program, a loving community, my faith, and coaching, I saw LIGHT. I knew I needed to make changes in my life as my priorities had shifted and to some degree I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. I engaged the services of a life coach and found something stirring inside me; some old dreams & some new dreams! Hope bubbled up. Completely intrigued by the discoveries and transformation I experienced, I enrolled in the highly respected Coaches Training Institute (CTI).
As I opened up to this life experience and learned how to accept and embrace my ‘new normal’ an exciting transition took place. I understood how life could be reshaped. Because of my brokenness and restoration, I am now able to compassionately come alongside others who were facing unexpected challenges in their own lives. As the pieces of my life were being put back together, I found myself naturally coaching, mentoring and providing advice from an authentic place of empathy. Since I had survived and was now thriving, I was able to provide hope to others. I could be a beacon lighting the way through encouragement, active listening, intuitively responding and creatively looking at life through new and different perspectives. I have experienced TRANSFORMATION which has been life changing and joy infusing.