Crush Your Inner Critic

What does your negative inner chatterbox tell you? How to recognize it, where did it come from and understand what it’s purpose is.  You will be guided into some practical ways to quickly identify and crush the self limiting beliefs and  thoughts that create obstacles and cause that exhausting feeling of stuckness! This workshops offers practical approaches to crushing this critic once and for all.

Cultivating Courage; Curating Confidence

What stops most of us from doing the things we dream about or reaching the full realization of our goals? Courage is doing the hard thing in the face of fear for the enrichment of our lives. In fact, no one is immune to encountering difficulty and struggle in this life. It’s a given. Rest assured even those you think are naturally gifted with confidence have had their fair share of adversity. Confidence is the by product of repeatedly doing the things that scare us. It is also a learned trait. This workshop will equip you with tips and tools to accomplish even the most difficult obstacle you are facing. You will fee empowered to rise through understanding the strength of being vulnerable. 

Purpose = Passion + Pain

How do you find ultimate fulfillment in the world? How do you live in authenticity to what you were created for? Discover how finding your passion, talents, gifting and strengths, together with the pain resulting from your own personal experience or the burden you feel for the world, will propel you into a life that has purpose and meaning.

‘To Do Lists’ Matter; ‘To Be Lists’ Matter More:

‘To Do Lists’ Matter; ‘To Be Lists’ Matter More: Tired of just putting a bunch of tasks on a list and plowing through them only to find you are no more fulfilled or satisfied then before you accomplished these tasks? Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you do in a day but at at the end of the day it doesn’t seem to really matter!? This workshop helps change the mindset of ‘doing it all’  as a means to fulfillment and instead uncover who you are in the world and how to show up everyday so you can experience real fulfillment through joy and satisfaction.

Make It Happen’

Make It Happen’ : you’ve got an idea for a product or service. Something that others can benefit from and something that you are aching to bring to fruition. This workshop helps you hone in on your creativity and develop your entrepreneurial skills so you can take a hobby and make it into a business opportunity! You will learn tips and tools that help you get it out of your head, onto paper and into works! From determining what it is, developing a plan and bringing it to distribution. 

Relationship Recovery

‘Relationship Recovery’ : you’ve hit a bump or a fork in the road of your relationship, or maybe even had a major crash with your spouse or a good friend. Now what? Is there hope? You can not only recover and survive but the relationship change and thrive. This workshop helps couples, friends, and individuals  identify what went wrong and how to repair what was broken or lost. 

Habits for Happiness

‘Habits for Happiness’: This workshop helps you identify your happiness factor and how to achieve the vibrant life you desire to have. Lifting the myth that if you do everything right, get a good education and climb the corporate ladder accumulate all the stuff that your life will eventually be happy! Instead we explore how to have true happiness in the mundane, in the ordinary and in the unexpected. Tips and tools to help identify your individual markers that bring you joy and contentment. 

Rates $25-$55 per person + facilitation fee
(based on a minimum of 10 attendees )