Your life is a story

How are you going to write it?

What is important to you? How are you energized? What is your contribution? What makes you come ALIVE? Contemplating and answering these questions will help you develop a greater life experience. Together we can explore what it means to be you; in your RELATIONSHIPS, MARRIAGE & CAREER.


Hi I'm

Stéphanie Rourke Jackson

We are each born with gifts, talents and capabilities. A unique handprint to bestow upon the world. If we’re not careful, we might go our whole lives without knowing what these are. Worse yet, having a sense for them but never taking action to utilize them fully. Do you feel held back by something you can’t put your finger on? I work with you to discover what your strengths are and how they impact the world around you. Why knowing your values and personal mission statement is so important to developing meaningful work and living a healthy, wholehearted life.

Welcome to Beacon Coaching & Leadership. My desire is to help you light the way to a more fulfilling life.

As a Co-Active Coach I work by engaging my clients in a relationship to evoke transformation, provide clarity and an action plan which deepens learning and forward motion. Basically, getting UNSTUCK. How? Through the Co-Active model of principles and skills that hold you, the client as naturally resourceful, creative and whole. I help you understand who you fully are. We get to the heart of the matter by keeping it real, authentic and fun.

My goal is to see you navigate through challenging life experiences with great success!

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